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Sony: 100 million PS4, Vita, PS3 units sold combined

Sony has released a video boasting that they’ve sold over 100 million combined units of the PS3, PS Vita and PS4. Well its just a simple promo video for their products but it says that they’ve past the 100 million mark when you combine the sales of all three systems. We know that since last November the PS3 has passed 80 million units sold globally.

Recently we heard that the PS4 had hit 9 million systems sold. The PS Vita has been stuck in the “Just above” 7 million category for quite some time, possibly breaking 8 million finally with this news.

While Sony hasn’t given precise numbers, fans are already trying to figure out which platform sold how many units.

My guess is that Sony has at least sold 2 million PS3 systems since last holiday, if not a little bit more. I’d wager that the PS3 makes up roughly 82.5 million of this 100 million number, the PS4 sitting at 9.5 million and the PS Vita landing in at just about 8 million units.

Though anyone’s guess is as good as mine. Still, congrats on the feat Sony! Now just give us more precise numbers and we’ll be happy!