Rumor: GTA V Story mode DLC and Zombies coming exclusively to PS4

Game Ranx is reporting that a source that has told them leaked info in the past is now telling them details about GTA V’s upcoming single player DLC.

Firstly, the Casino DLC that has been rumored for a while will sport more than one casino, new missions for Trevor and more. Secondly their source indicates that there could be some zombie related content in this DLC due to some coding.

The biggest part of this rumor is that their source says this DLC may end up being a Playstation exclusive. Though whether that means a temporary, timed DLC exclusive like with Destiny’s PS3/PS4 only content or something entirely exclusive remains to be seen.

Of course take this rumor with a grain of salt. Remember though that Sony is doing the advertising for the next-gen version of GTA V just like how they’re handling Destiny marketing as well. So it would make a lot of sense if the PS4 version of GTA V got exclusive single player content and missions due to Sony footing the marketing bill for Take Two.