Rumor: DLNA support hits PS4 in early 2015, MP3 playback this year

Just like on NeoGAF, Reddit moderators have methods of verifying the sources of someone leaking video game industry news. Now, a verified info leaker on Reddit has shed some light on Sony’s system update plans for PS4.

They say that DLAN support won’t hit Sony’s new console until early 2015. I’m sure this basic feature being absent until the system’s second year on market will surprise many though it isn’t entirely surprising considering how much Sony has been dragging their feet on it.

The good news is that other video players and MP3 playback support should be coming this year, with MP3 playback possibly arriving the soonest. Cue your Soony jokes right now folks, get them out of your system.

I’m fine with waiting for these features myself since I don’t see myself using them all that much. I use my PS4 almost exclusively for gaming though I’m dying for a native YouTube app. The long promised Suspend/Resume feature wasn’t mentioned by this leaker so it appears to be quite far away. Hopefully Sony surprises us!

No word on the rumored PS1/PS2 playback that solid sources pointed at earlier this year. I don’t see why the PS4 can’t emulate and run PS1/PS2 classics so hopefully Sony gets that one out the door asap.