Report: 9 million PS4 systems sold vs 5 million for Xbox One

Last we heard months ago Sony had successful sold 7 million PS4 units. Microsoft said back in April that they had sold 5 million Xbox One units. Now we’ve got a more updated picture of PS4/XB1 sales.

But here’s the bad news for Microsoft. Phil Spencer says that Xbox One sales are currently “north” of 5 million. This implies strongly that they aren’t close enough to 6 million units for him to say so, likely being in the 5.5 or less area.

At the same time its being reported that Sony has sold over 9 million PS4 systems, 2 million more since March. That means Sony has widen their sales lead gap by 2 million units to 4 million total over just a few months.

Mind you Microsoft announced the $399 Xbox One SKU in early May, killing all sales until June 9th when the Kinect-less SKU released. Still, its odd to see the Xbox One move so few units in the time since Microsoft’s last sales update.

Spencer says there is still plenty of time for them to make more of a commercial impact with the XB1, saying:

Some analysts will suggest that we are less than 5% into this generation, so there is plenty of market opportunity ahead of us.

Sony doesn’t appear to be touting this 9 million number too much at this time. I imagine they’ll wait until they pass 10 million units, which should be later this summer. Then we’ll see an onslaught of news about it.