PS3 update brings wireless Dual Shock 4 support

You can now use the Dual Shock 4 with your PS3 system without a USB cable.

Previously you could only control some PS3 games with the PS4 controller and you had to plug the DS4 in to do so. Now the most recent PS3 update allows you to cut out the wires.

Simply plug in the DS4, go to accessory settings, select ‘manage bluetooth devices’ and scan for the DS4. While it is scanning hold the PS and Share buttons on the DS4. When the controller is scanned select “wireless” and you’re good to go.

Of course not all PS3 games support the Dual Shock 4 but a decent amount due. Its significantly more comfortable to play long hours with the Dual Shock 4 rather than the DS3 so this is worth trying out!