Nintendo posts Fiscal Year Q1 Results: Wii U way up, 3DS way down

Nintendo revealed just how many 3DS and Wii U systems they managed to sell in Q1 of their current fiscal year. Its a mixed bag as 3DS hardware sales appear to be down while Wii U sales rebounded very well with Mario Kart 8.

From April through June, Nintendo sold 510k Wii U systems and 820k 3DS units. Mario Kart 8 managed to sell 2.82 million units globally in just June!

During Q1 2013 Nintendo only sold 160k Wii U systems so this 510k number is a huge improvement. That said, the 3DS sold 1.4 million during Q1 2013 so this 820k number is a steep decline in sales. You have to wonder if Nintendo will counter declining sales of the 3DS with a new model or price drop. Nintendo released new 3DS models in 2012 and 2013, boosting sales each time.

They posted an operating loss of $94 million while booking a net loss of $98 million. They are said to be selling the Wii U at a profit and that half of those losses are due to the exchange rate.