The Master Chief Collection doesn’t use Halo 5’s engine

343 Industry’s Frank O’Connor revealed on NeoGAF earlier today that the Master Chief Collection will not use Halo 5’s engine. He says this is due to Halo 5 being too far out and not nearly finished. That makes sense given the game is aiming for a holiday 2015 release.

O’Connor said when asked if The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One is running on Halo 5’s engine:

Not technically. It’s a blend of legacy and some proprietary code. H5 is on a different schedule and couldn’t be branched for this.

I do wonder if they’ll have some sort of feature that allows you to swap between the original Xbox/Xbox 360 visuals and Xbox One graphics on the fly, like in Halo Anniversary.

Still with 100 maps and 4 classic games, The Master Chief Collection might challenge Valve’s The Orange Box as the best compilation package in video game history.