PS Vita

Insider: Sony Gamescom lineup ‘better’ than E3, Vita will get ‘more love’

Industry insider Tidux has some new juicy rumors for Playstation fans.

He revealed on Twitter that he has seen some of what Sony plans to show at Gamescom in August and he personally believes their Gamescom lineup is better than their E3 lineup. With games like Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and Little Big Planet 3 being shown at E3 this is a bold statement.

Tidux says that there will be at least one “Megaton” announcement which could mean a wide variety of things. Maybe Sony will announce a new first party game or third party exclusive. Maybe the PS3 will finally get the rumored third redesign and lower price point. What it could be remains a mystery.

In addition to all of this he says that the PS Vita will get more love at Gamescom from Sony than it did at E3. That isn’t saying much since the Vita was mostly a footnote in Sony’s E3 presentation this year. Hopefully this means more exclusive, original and inventive Vita games. At the worst I’d expect some news on Gravity Rush 2.

Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, and Quantic Dream have all teased their new games in recent months so perhaps one of those three will finally show what they’ve been working on? We can only hope.