Final Fantasy Type-O HD priced high at $60

Final Fantasy Type-O is finally coming to the US. It was never localized for PSP owners and Vita owners might feel a little shafted that Square Enix opted to avoid Sony’s latest handheld. It’s being released at some point in the future for PS4 and Xbox One.

A lot fans thought that the game will be a low priced (relatively) digital download on PS4/XB1 but a new Amazon listing points at a much steeper price point. Amazon says Type-O on PS4 will cost $59.99, the standard price for a brand new PS4 title at launch.

Of course this could be an erroneous listing but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise from Square Enix. These are the same people that launched Deus Ex HR Director’s Cut at $49.99 on Wii U last year despite releasing it on PS3/360 the same day for $29.99. They added a $20 next-gen tax on Deus Ex so a $60 sticker for Type-O doesn’t seem out of the question.

Amazon isn’t alone, GameStop also expects the game to sell for $60. While I’m sure the game is very good, this is seems like a steep price for an HD up-port of a 2011 PSP title. I would have expected $20-$30 on PSN/XBL.

What do you guys think? Is $60 too much to ask for this PSP conversion to next-gen? Or is it okay?