Escape Dead Island announced

We got Dead Island Riptide last year, we’ll get Dead Island 2 and Dying Light next year but those aren’t the only zombie games coming to consoles.

Deep Silver just announced a new story based Dead Island title for Xbox 360 and PS3 called Escape Dead Island. It will sell for $39.99 and doesn’t appear to have multiplayer. You can check out the debut trailer here.

The game is sporting a new, more cel-shaded art style that I really like. That said, the Dead Island franchise is a dead horse at this point. With two games out already and two more now set to release before the end of 2015, things are getting excessive. Add into that Dying Light from Techland, the original makers of Dead Island, and things are looking crowded in the saturated zombie shooter market. Escape Dead Island is set to launch this fall.

Though Escape from Dead Island does look unique. It uses a third person camera angle instead of playing in first person and features a more fantasy type style due to some supernatural stuff that happened in that trailer. Maybe will surprise all of us, who knows!