EA announces game subscription service for Xbox One

Today EA announced a unique new subscription service for their Xbox One games. Players who pay $5 per month or $30 per year will get access to EA’s “Vault” which is basically year old titles. When the service launches later this year the first vault titles will be Peggle 2, Battlefield 4, Madden 25 and FIFA 14.

Of course you could probably buy all of these for around $30-$40 physically by the time the service launches. In addition to this, subscribers will get 5-day early access to select upcoming games like Dragon Age Inquisition. EA made it clear that this doesn’t mean that players will get the full game 5 days early.

It could end up being a glorified demo or the full thing, it depends on each title says EA.

For whatever reason this service is exclusive to Xbox One for the time being. It isn’t even available for EA’s own PC gaming platform, Origin. The PS4 is the obvious console choice for a service like this so its odd to see EA ignore it. Software sales for most major releases have generally shown that games are selling better on PS4 than Xbox One, so

For example, Battlefield 4 has sold just under 2 million copies on PS4 while the Xbox One version sits at 600k less.