Dragon Age Inquisition writer defends gay character

Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider defended the developer’s decision to include a gay character in Dragon Age 3. The game has come under fire as maybe not really having the LGBT community’s best interests in mind.

Gaider took to Twitter and said that a single fan asked him if the character, Dorian, was gay. He says that its odd that he answer that question truthfully but that the media reported it as if it was some sort of official press release by BioWare.

He argues that the inclusion of Dorian’s sexuality in DA3 isn’t “pandering” to the LGBT community, citing how he’s already written openly gay characters in the Dragon Age franchise like Sera.

Gaider closed his defense on Twitter by saying this:

Because catering to straight white guys for profit instead is a higher form of pandering I guess?

I don’t think EA or BioWare is trying to profit off the LGBT community with this character. They’ve had the option to be gay in past games so I don’t really understand why this has become a big deal.

Then again I haven’t been following Dragon Age 3 all that much personally. As is, I believe they’re handling the character of Dorian and his sexuality well enough.