Destiny’s Biggest Flaws: One Area Per Planet and More

The Destiny beta just wrapped up and millions of players are salivating at the idea of getting their hands on the full, final game. There is only a month left until Bungie’s first big post-Halo game hits store shelves on September 9th.

After sinking a significant amount of time into both the Alpha in June and this past week’s beta, I’m entirely sold on Destiny. It looks to be the next blockbuster online experience for consoles and will definitely bring people together. But there a few ugly, bright red blemishes that we can see coming from a mile away with Destiny. With so little time left before release, it isn’t clear if Bungie will be able to fix these issues to please certain fans. I’m sure not everyone will be bothered by these issues but so far these stand out as the most disappointing aspects of the game.


No Split-Screen At All

If you told me that Bungie’s first non-Halo shooter wouldn’t support 2-4 players locally, I’d have called you crazy a few years ago. So much of Bungie’s success was determined by how awesome the social experience of playing Halo 1 and 2 with friends locally was. It brought people together who normally may not have formed bonds without a similar interest in Halo.

For over a decade, Halo has stood out as the pinnacle, or at least near the top, of fun local multiplayer shooters. In a time when most developers were cutting out split screen to focus solely on online play, Bungie refused to give up local play in Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach.

Destiny won’t have split-screen in any shape or form , Bungie revealed this at E3. They have solid reasons for this but its still disappointing news to say the least.


One Playable Area Per Planet

This revelation is relatively fresh. Bungie confirmed recently that each planet in Destiny will only have one large playable area. So they hope you really enjoyed Russia on Earth. Fans hoping for more European, Asian, or American locales will be disappointed.

Of course Bungie downplays this and stresses that the game will offer countless hours of content in these single, playable areas per planet. They want players to believe that the beta “barely scratched the surface” and they’re probably right.

Still, not having more than one location per planet is very disappointing. While I could understand there only being one area per planets like Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc the absence of New York, London, India, Japan and others on Earth are glaring and hard to overlook. The likeliest possibility is that we get more locations per planet via free updates or paid DLC in the future.

Destiny Beta_20140717131712

No Voice Chat With Strangers

I do like Bungie’s approach to voice chat in Destiny. Personally I don’t need to hear every 16 year old spew racist , homophobic, sexist slurs out every five minutes. But there are times when I do want to talk to a stranger in co-op or at the Tower.

Bungie has restricted this to only allowing voice chat with players who are on your fireteam. This works fine for the most part for me because like I said, I don’t really want to hear the majority of strangers anyway and would rather work with my friends. Still, I would think that giving players the option to turn on voice chat with strangers, even leaving it off by default until the player goes out of their way to change it, would have been a better way to handle this.

Three Player Fire Teams Is A Strange Number

This may be a technical limitation that can’t be overcome but I find it strange that fireteams are limited to 3 in co-op in Destiny. Of course this doesn’t restrict you from playing with only two other people but I often play in groups of 4 or more with friends online. With fireteams being capped at 3 I’ll have to leave some friends behind. Upping the fireteam cap to 4 would be more acceptable since co-op in console gaming has generally not exceeded 4 players for the most part.


Those are just a couple of my gripes with Destiny. Personally I don’t find any of them damaging enough to take away from the entire experience since the game was so damn enjoyable during the Alpha and the beta. As is, Destiny is shaping up to be the next big online experience for consoles and I can’t wait to play it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few issues on the side, small blemishes that fans should hope Bungie addresses in the future.

If there is anything you would like to see changed in Destiny post-launch or just have a gripe about the game, let us know in the comments below!