Collector claims to have found N64 DD version of Mario 64

Some supposed footage of a rare, never before seen version of Super Mario 64 running off a Nintendo 64 Disc Drive has surfaced. I’m not sure if this footage is a hoax or not yet, the person who discovered the game isn’t giving out many details. The game largely looks the same so I’m not sure if this is legit or if its the greatest collector find of all time.

Here’s some supposed footage of Mario 64DD running.

The person who claims to have discovered the disk says it only allows them to access 118 of the original game’s 120 stars. He says that multiple levels crash the game entirely. You can read more about it from him right here.

Nintendo did show off Mario 64 running off a N64 Disc Drive throughout the late 90’s so there is a small chance this is a beta copy of the original game running on the 64DD that got into the public somehow. Those chances are very slim and this could be an elaborate hoax but at the same it looks like it could be real.

Perhaps Nintendo planned on re-releasing Mario 64 with extra features on the 64DD but after it failed commercially in Japan they cancelled this Mario 64 re-do. We can only dream about what it could have been like had Mario 64 been re-released to take advantage of the 64DD, had the 64DD been released in the west and been successful.