Uncharted 4 trailer has hidden Bible quote

Naughty Dog rocked the gaming world earlier tonight with the reveal of Uncharted 4. The game was officially announced last November but today we got the first teaser trailer showing Nathan Drake as the returning main character while also hinting at other returning characters like Sully.

Here’s something very interesting that a lot of fans seem to have missed. At one point in the newly released Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer their is a quote from the Bible of all places. Its a little hard to read since its only on screen for a moment and isn’t all that large.

Check it out.


Near the end of the trailer there is text displayed on a cage. This text reads a quote from Luke 23:41 which reads: “For we receive the due rewards for our deeds”.

What could this mean for the game’s plot and for Nathan Drake? Its odd to see the game literally quote the Bible and not some ancient legend or explorer but the quote does appear to fit with the more personal theme of the game.