Nintendo: Zelda U game world could be as big as Kyoto

When asked in a recent interview how big the open world environment in the upcoming Wii U Zelda title will be, series director Eiji Aonuma had this to say, teasing fans about the scope of Link’s latest adventure:

In terms of the scale of the new Zelda world on Wii U, I always think of Kyoto as my base.
Do you know Kyoto?

What a way to tease fans Aonuma! Of course I can’t imagine Zelda’s game world will be anywhere near the size of Kyoto in Japan. There are some pretty big game worlds out there, like the ones crafted in Skyrim and GTA V.

To be fair, Kyoto is roughly 18 miles wide and long. The game world in Just Cause 2 is roughly that size so this has been done before in games.

I do think Zelda U will have a fairly big world to explore but I wouldn’t get too hyped up over comments like this. Then again, if Aonuma can deliver a game world close to the scale of a real life city like Kyoto then more power to him!