Mario Maker rumor just might be fake

There is a rumor going around about a potential Nintendo game where players can create levels in a Mario Bros title. This game is supposedly being shown at E3 and will be called Mario Maker.

This image surfaced from Nintendo Enthusiast though they didn’t say much about their source. They say that the image is from Nintendo’s E3 booth which is supposedly being set up now. I have my doubts as to whether Nintendo would set up their booth 4 days ahead of time but the image looks fairly legit to the untrained eye. Check it out.


Why do I think this is fake? As some gamers on the web have pointed out there is something off about the hand shown in the Mario Maker graphic. It is very familiar, in fact its the same hand used in New Super Mario Bros U promotional material from 2012. Compare it!


The two hands look nearly identical even down to the color of the stylus. Now it is possible that Nintendo is re-using old marketing materials and photos but I sincerely doubt it. Why would they debut a big new Mario that allows users to make their own levels but give it such un-inspired, old art?

That isn’t the end of it. The Animal Crossing Villager looks like re-used art from old Smash Bros marketing materials too. The likelihood that Nintendo chose to re-use several pieces of old art for such a big event seems highly unlikely to me.

We won’t know until E3 on Tuesday whether Mario Maker is a real thing or not. I’d love for it to be legit as conceptually it sounds promising but there are several signs (the crappy quality of the pic, Nintendo wouldn’t set up booths this early, etc) that point at this being fake. The re-use of old New Super Mario Bros U art stands out as the biggest reason why this rumor is most likely bunk.