Mario Kart 8 ‘Fire Hopping’ Exploit Discovered

It appears that no Mario Kart game can go without some sort of glitch that gives certain players an advantage over others. Mario Kart DS had snaking and Mario Kart 7 had the Maka Wuhu water glitch. Now Mario Kart 8 has a new glitch that gives certain players a leg up in online races and time trials.

There are countless videos displaying this trick already online but here’s one for the unaware:

The Mario Kart 8 community is calling this “fire hopping”. Basically it allows the player to continue their speed boost after a drift by hopping excessively. It doesn’t appear to be give the player too much of an edge but it is a trick that players in the know will exploit at the expense of those who haven’t heard of it.

It isn’t as bad as the Maka Wuhu glitch in MK7 where players could teleport to near the end of the second lap by falling off the track at a certain location. It doesn’t appear to be worse than snaking was in Mario Kart DS either.

Still, its something to keep an eye on. I don’t believe Nintendo intended for fire hopping to be a feature of the game so whether they patch this out or not remains to be seen.