Get all 800+ Ouya games for only $60, developers not informed about deal ahead of time

In a bold move the folks behind the failing Android micro-console, Ouya, have announced a new promotion that will give Ouya users access to over 800 games for one year at the price of just $60.

Yes you read that right. The Ouya folks say this deal gives players over $2,000 in games. This is a limited time deal so if you’ve got an Ouya now is the time to purchase this deal as it won’t last long. No word on why its a limited time deal though I imagine they’re forking out a ton of money to convince developers to allow their games to be exchanged for such little compensation.

This isn’t going over well with some Ouya developers though. Some are saying they aren’t given a heads up about this deal and don’t appear to be happy that their games will be given away in this package.

Crazy and desperate move by the Ouya team. I can’t believe they’re packaging so many games in this deal.

My only guess is that they plan on paying developers for the amount of downloads they got with this deal at a later date. With only a few thousand Ouya units out there I can’t imagine more than 10k-20k people will take advantage of this.