GameStop taking XB1 Kinect for $40 trade-in starting today

GameStop has finally begun taking in individual Xbox One Kinect cameras for trade in the US. This comes on the heels of the $399, Kinect-less SKU that released earlier this month on June 9th.

How much will you get? Well its actually a surprisingly low total even for GameStop. The retailer is giving $40 in store credit and $32 in cash.

That’s a bit lower than I would have thought. I’m not sure how much Microsoft plans on selling Kinect for separately from the XB1 but I would imagine since most estimates put it at $70-$80 to manufacture that Microsoft will sell it for $130-$150.

What GameStop will sell a used XB1 Kinect for remains to be seen though I wouldn’t be shocked if it was north of $100.