Cross-buy coming to Wii U/3DS with Squids Odyssey

Cross-buy is now possible on Nintendo platforms. Squids Odyssey on 3DS/Wii U will be the first game to support this, at least in Europe. Cross-buy for the game hasn’t been confirmed for the US yet but I imagine it will also be supported.

Nintendo of Europe said in a press release:

If you downloaded Squids Odyssey on Nintendo 3DS, you can download Squids Odyssey from Nintendo eShop on Wii U for free! (Your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS must be linked with the same Nintendo Network ID.)

If you buy the game on 3DS you also get the Wii U version. The only real step you have to take is to link your Nintendo Network ID to both your 3DS and Wii U. After that Squids should be downloadable on both systems once you purchase the 3DS version.

This is a big move for Nintendo. I doubt they ever support cross-buy with Virtual Console titles. Then again they’ve made so much money off $5-$8 NES/SNES/Genesis games since 2006, maybe they will pull the trigger on cross-buy for most pre-N64 Virtual Console games? They could compensate for lost revenue from supporting cross-buy by giving the Wii U or 3DS more exclusive VC platforms like GBC on 3DS, GBA/DS on Wii U or maybe even by adding Dreamcast, GameCube titles and more N64 games.