Xbox One $399 listings mention Halo being ‘powered by over 300k servers’

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the new Xbox One $399 model listings at retailers. Many of them are listing playing Halo online on the system as a benefit for buying the system. They say this in the same sentence as mentioning the perk of playing Titanfall online.

Right now both Best Buy and GameStop mention Halo in their product descriptions of the new $399 Xbox One SKU.

While of course everyone knows a Halo title will come to Xbox One at some point in the future, Microsoft hasn’t announced what Halo game will be coming and when just yet. Here’s what multiple retailer listings say:

Play games like Titanfall and Halo on a network powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance

Why mention Halo if stores don’t have anything to show for it yet? There’s the chance they’re referring to Halo Spartan Assault but that’s a digital game, one I wouldn’t imagine retailers would stress the importance of. Plus, it isn’t a traditional Halo title anyway. When most people think of playing Halo online, they think of the series’ popular multiplayer.

So many of those old Xbox One rumors from January have come true, especially with details for Sunset Overdrive leaking out in addition to Microsoft announcing this $399 model. It looks like the part about a Halo game hitting Xbox One this year, possibly a Halo 2 remake could be spot on. Why else would a retailer mention the perk of playing Halo on the system if a proper Halo game on Xbox One hasn’t been officially shown off outside of a teaser trailer?