Wii U game dumped by hackers, group reveals system uses Blu-Ray after all

We told you a few days ago that the Wii U’s SDK was leaked and now reports are emerging that the same group that leaked it have dumped their first full Wii U title. Renowned modder cfwprophet confirmed the SDK leak days ago online

This isn’t to be confused with the rumor from 2013 that another hacker group dumped a Wii U title, that rumor was debunked.

The Wiikey U modchip was also used along with the leaked SDK to achieve this. Supposedly these hackers are saying that they’ve uncovered evidence in the Wii U’s SDK that suggests that it indeed uses Blu-Ray, a 25GB variant of it. Previously Nintendo had only said that the disc drive was proprietary. Over the years the Wii U’s discs haven’t been given an official name though titles like “iDensity” and others have been rumored.

Of course this is bad news for Nintendo as it means pirates will be working on illegally pirating Wii U games from now and probably having more success at doing so. There are cool things that can come from people hacking any console but this looks like more bad news for the Wii U.

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  1. jstimson

    If there is one thing I wish the Wii U could do, it would be support of media playback. So, not only decent DLNA support, but also ability to play Blu Ray movies. I understand the licensing cost and why it is not part of the base console as delivered. But I’d pay for a downloadable player. Having it confirmed that the drive is Blu Ray, I now want this capability even more.

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