Take Two: Nintendo is ‘important business partner’, still quiet on Wii U/3DS projects

In a recent interview Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick tackled a lot of issues, like the new Xbox One SKU and Oculus Rift.

One thing he spoke about is Take Two’s current relationship with Nintendo. Zelnick stressed that Nintendo is still an “important business partner” but that Take Two that the company hasn’t “talked much about it and have nothing announced at the moment” in relation to games for Nintendo platforms.

Take Two appears to be another developer who has soured on Nintendo systems, specifically the Wii U. Its sad because Take Two’s games, at least bigger ones like GTA, could find a good home on a system like the Wii U if they marketed it right and gave it exclusive content.

Activision successfully ported the Call of Duty series to the Wii several times and even though they were never as good as the 360/PS3 versions, they were decent ports considering the Wii’s limitations and the fan base on Wii that was hungry for a big shooter was happy with it with most COD titles on Wii selling over 1 million copies.

It appears Take Two doesn’t want to take this same risk with Nintendo consoles presently. Though Take Two has never really supported Nintendo consoles outside of stuff like Carnival Games so you’ve got to wonder if they’d even make games for Wii U even if it was selling much better than it is.