Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto reveals his favorite Final Fantasy game

Speaking at the Thailand Comic-con, Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto was asked what his favorite Final Fantasy game is.

Appropriately enough Hashimoto’s favorite Final Fantasy is also the first one he worked on after joining Square in 1995.

It must be FFVII that everyone keeps asking me. Because it is the first FF in 3D, based on sci-fi world, and the story between Cloud and Sephiroth. I was impressed. And there was a lot of secrets in Advent Children which made me love it.

I’m sure a lot of Final Fantasy fans share that with Hashimoto.

Final Fantasy VII had a huge impact on the gaming industry when it released. It was one of many titles that showed that gaming could offer high quality, cinematic experiences for adults and it shifted the tides of the console wars in Sony’s favor, much to the dismay of Nintendo.

For reference, Shinji Hashimoto worked as the promotions producer on Final Fantasy VII.