Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV news coming at E3, fans will be ‘surprised’

It looks like both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will make appearances at E3 this year. At the Thailand Comic-con, Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto answered fan questions about when they’ll see both of these games again, specifically asking if E3 will give fans any news.

Hashimoto was surprisingly forthcoming, admitting that not only will info be shared on these games at E3 but at other events afterwards. He said:

We would like to keep it secret. It just only a few months from now. I’m pretty sure you will be surprised. Actually it is not only in June, there will be many events from now on such as San Diego Comicon, Tokyo Game Show, and others. We might tell you what is our plans, but it’s better you see by yourself at Tokyo.

Its good to know these two titles will be at E3. Square Enix has a nasty habit of announcing titles and then not showing them off for years, as Final Fantasy Versus XIII/Final Fantasy XV fans know all too well.

Just how much will we see at E3? Whatever it is I’m sure Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fans will eat it up even if I imagine we’ll get even more information at Tokyo Game Show.