Square Enix: JRPGs can’t ‘imitate’ if we hope to move genre forward

When asked what he thought about the future of the JRPG genre and industry at the Thailand Comic-Con, Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto said that he believes that JRPG makers can’t “imitate” and must be unique so that the genre as a whole can move forward.

Hashimoto (translated into English) said:

JRPG has unique characteristics. We think no one can imitate. Therefore JRPG can keep moving forward.

Its a short answer but to the point by Hashimoto. For many years it felt like the JRPG genre was stagnant and playing it safe.

In recent years we’ve seen risks taken with the standard JRPG formula and this is probably what Hashimoto is referencing.

Its hard to disagree with Hashimoto on this one though its ironic that Bravely Default has been partly successful due to the fact that it sort of “imitates” old-school Final Fantasy games so well.