Rumor: Wii U SDK leaked online, developers say leaker may be jailed

It looks like Nintendo is going to be very angry because it appears that Wii U SDK 1.7 has been leaked online. This news broke today and some official, registered Wii U developers have chimed in on this news.

One developer warned the person responsible for the leak, saying he or she was in “serious shit”.

As a registered developer, the guy who leaked that is in some serious shit. Also not sure how useful that will be without a devkit either. Might be, not sure

Another developer gave their opinion and said that they expect Nintendo to pursue legal action and that the leaker will get jail time for it.

Another registered dev here. I’m not sure of what would happen to the person involved who leaked things, but I would imagine hefty fines and/or jail time. I hope they get it.

The idea here is that if non-approved people have access to the Wii U Software Development Kit then they could potentially use it for illegal things. No word on who leaked it yet but several developers seem to be coming forward and giving this leak legitimacy.

There is still a chance that maybe the SDK wasn’t leaked like believed. I’m really not an expert at this and there doesn’t appear to be definitive proof that it was indeed leaked. These developers speaking out adds legitimacy to this rumor like I said above but I’d still take this with a grain of salt for now. Though I bet Nintendo is taking it very seriously.

I imagine Nintendo is already hard at work on finding out who did this and looking for a way to fix this.