Rumor: Microsoft set to remove Xbox Live Gold paywall from Netflix, Hulu and others

Ars Technica is reporting that multiple sources tell them that Microsoft is preparing to remove some big name streaming services from behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall. This would apply to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners.

Namely the report says that Netflix, Hulu Plus and others will become free to use without Xbox Live Gold, along with other undisclosed apps. It does state that Microsoft is planning on moving some other applications behind the Gold paywall to make up for this.

If this happens then its been a long time coming. Playstation users have enjoyed not paying a fee to use media apps for years now and the PS4 doesn’t require users to have a PS+ subscription for anything other than online play in retail titles.

I’ve always thought it was stupid to block media app access behind Xbox Live Gold and I’m glad that Microsoft is reconsidering it. Then again, I’m afraid of what they’ll put behind the paywall to compensate.