Rumor: Guerrilla Games revealing new IP at E3, will run at 1080p

Industry insider Tidux says that Guerrilla Games next title will be shown at E3.

Not only that but he says this title will be Guerrilla’s much talked about new IP and will run at full 1080p. They pulled off an impressive looking game with Killzone Shadow Fall so it excites me to see what they can do when they develop a game entirely under the PS4’s 8GB DDR5 memory. If you remember, much of Shadow Fall’s development was done under devkits that used only 4GB DDR5 memory.

I’m also looking forward to Guerrilla making a new franchise. As much as I like Killzone, I’m desperate to see them try something new. I’m not sure if it will be a shooter, RPG or adventure title but either way it will be a title to keep an eye on.