Diablo III hunts on PS4/Xbox One on August 19

Blizzard will be releasing Diablo III on PS4/Xbox One on August 19th. The game maker revealed this in a press release earlier today.

On August 19, console gamers around the world will be able to join the crusade against death itself when Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ – Ultimate Evil Edition™ launches on the PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The console-exclusive Ultimate Evil Edition includes all of the content from the original Diablo III, as well as new features and updates from the critically acclaimed Reaper of Souls expansion. With six customizable character classes, five engrossing acts, and countless hours of gameplay, this all-inclusive package is a treasure trove of fast-paced demon-slaying action and cooperative adventure.

Both consoles will be suffering from a summer game drought and could use some great co-op titles. With The Last of Us Remastered, Super Smash Bros for 3DS fans and a few other titles like The Witness, it looks like the summer won’t be as dry in terms of big new game releases as in recent years.