Remedy’s Quantum Break ‘just hit full production’

Here’s some bad news for fans of game developer Remedy and Xbox One owners. It seems like Remedy’s upcoming action title, Quantum Break, is much further away then we all thought. Sadly this seems to be the theme with Remedy as their games are known to have really long development cycles.

John Needham, Microsoft Europe’s Publishing Team leader, said in an interview recently that despite Remedy showing off clips of Quantum Break at last year’s E3, the game just hit full production. Meaning its still in the early phases of development and won’t be seen for a while. Needham said:

It’s a big first party title, we’re not talking about it much, but it’s a big exciting title – just hit full production

This is very disappointing to hear. A lot of fans expected to play Quantum Break this year or sometime in 2015. With this news it makes a 2015 release questionable, pointing at maybe even a 2016 release date.

Still, the more time that the game gets hopefully means it will be better for it. I was a big fan of Alan Wake even if it was hyped up way too much due to being in development for so damn long.