Outraged Sony fans start campaign to fix DriveClub’s upgrade program UPDATE

UPDATE: Sony heard the voices of their upset fans and has changed this policy. Now PS+ Edition users who pay the $50 upgrade fee will get to keep the game.

ORIGINAL STORY:It’s no secret that Playstation fans are furious with Sony over the announcement that players who pay the upgrade fee for DriveClub PS+ Edition, the $49.99 upgrade fee to get the full game, will be required to keep their PS+ membership active in order to play the $50 upgraded version of the game. For a full recap of this entire situation click here.

Of course fans want Sony to reverse this policy. Now they’ve taken to Twitter and started an online campaign to get Sony’s attention. Countless fans are already using #NODCSUB on Twitter in an attempt to get Sony’s attention.

The goal is to either get Sony to admit this was all some sort of terrible misunderstanding or to get them to repeal this policy. A lot of fans are swearing off DriveClub as a whole due to this decision.

Hopefully this is all cleared up shortly. If you remember, online campaigns via social media were a big reason why Microsoft reversed so many of their infamously bad Xbox One policies last June. Perhaps the #NODCSUB campaign will be just as successful and provoke Sony to make a change? We can only hope so.