Nintendo: Rumors of new Wii U model at E3 are ‘groundless’

Nintendo President says that rumors of the company showing off a re-modeled Wii U console at E3 are “groundless”.

Though of course he would say that right now. If a new model was coming post-E3, why would they kill sales now with Mario Kart 8 on the horizon?

To be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo keeps the Wii U the way it is for now. They just announced yesterday that they’re selling the Wii U at a profit per unit for the first time ever. Though a re-model could cut corners to increase those profits.

Also, Iwata could be using semantics here. The rumors of a re-modeled Wii U could be “groundless” but he doesn’t mention a re-modeled Wii U Game Pad. Maybe they release a Game Pad mini that has a smaller screen and costs less and simply bundle it with regular old Wii U systems.

This is the same company that had Shigeru Miyamoto say the original 3DS was designed “perfectly” and that they were working on a successor, not a new model in early June 2012 only to announce the 3DS XL days before June ended.