Nintendo: Redefining game platforms in 2 years

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has been making some vague statements about what the future holds for Nintendo consoles.

He’s referenced how Apple uses iOS as a platform to sell multiple devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone in the past and this appears to be what he’s referring to in this quote from their Japanese fiscal meeting Q&A:

Also, the idea I mentioned about redefining the definition of video game platforms will also require approximately two years. This is how we would like to talk more about our mid-term measures and lead them to actual results. However, we will not be able to create a good environment for the company unless projects are undertaken simultaneously, so this is the kind of timeframe that we have in mind.

The key part here is the “redefining” of gaming systems. This could also tie into Nintendo’s QOL platform that is said to release after April 2015.

I imagine this is what they’re referring to, how they’ll ship a system that is entirely dedicated to fitness games.

It could also be a reference to their next-gen plans. They’ve said that they are working on something that will “absorb” the Wii U’s architecture and that they’ve considered a handheld/console hybrid. Still, this is Nintendo folks. They’re the hardest company to predict in video games!

Whatever this “redefining” comment means and what it will lead to won’t be seen by the world for two years as Iwata says. It’s going to be a long ride for fans leading up to whatever Nintendo puts out that “redefines” gaming platforms.