Microsoft CEO: No plans to spin-off Xbox

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just gave Xbox fans a reason to breath a sign of relief. He said at the Re/Code Conference today that he has no plans to spin off Xbox even if there are some investors and executives, like Xbox division President Stephen Elop, that would do it.

Nadella said:

I have no intent to do anything with Xbox other than what we’re doing today

Good news for Xbox users. There was mounting fear that Nadella may be swayed by Elop and others to abandon the Xbox brand.

Still, the Xbox brand isn’t out of the woods yet. Microsoft’s own investors continually bring up the fact that they lose billions on Xbox every year.

The fact that Stephen Elop, the man who helped to start Nokia’s downward spiral and the person who suggested he’d spin off Xbox if given the CEO job is in charge of Xbox is very worrying. This isn’t a man to have faith in though I’m sure millions of Xbox fans would love to be proven wrong on that.

This means you won’t be seeing the Xbox brand going anywhere for the next few years if not longer. Nadella and MS have simply too much committed to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and they’re in this for the long haul.