Insider: Xbox not lead platform for COD: Advanced Warfare

Industry insider Thuway, who has provided countless accurate leaks in the past, says that the Xbox ecosystem isn’t the lead platform for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Of course always take this with a grain of salt but consider how reliable Thuway is.

It would make sense for Activision to treat the PS4 as the lead platform, not only from a performance stand point but a commercial one. Simply put, there’s a good chance that by the time Advanced Warfare ships the PS4 could be sitting between 12-15 million units sold while the Xbox One will be half of that at best, going by current sales trends.

Of course Microsoft still has a big marketing deal with Activision on Call of Duty so most of the ads for the game will still end with the Xbox logo. These ads won’t mention how the Xbox One version of Advanced Warfare won’t be in full HD but then again, Activision is really good at marketing around a game’s imperfections.