Full E3 2014 Press Conference Schedule

Looking forward to E3? Need a refresher on when all of the press conferences take place? We’ve got you covered. Here’s the current (as of this post) complete list of all E3 conferences. We’ll be covering all of them live as they happen so if you miss anything just check our front page for the biggest news coming out of E3!

Microsoft: Monday June 9th, 9:30AM PST
EA: Monday June 9th, 12PM PST
Ubisoft: Monday June 9th, 3PM PST
Sony: Monday June 9th, 6PM PST
Nintendo: Tuesday June 10th, 9AM PST

With all three new consoles out on the market this E3 is sure to be exciting. We’ve got the newest Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation consoles but we’ve got to see what developers will do with them. It really is an exciting time to be a gamer!