First Mario Kart 8 review released early

The first review of Mario Kart 8 has been published by GamePro it seems. The source of this comes from Reddit and its the German version of GamePro so be warned.

If real, the review states that Mario Kart 8 is the most fun kart racer they’ve ever played. Without spoiling anything, they say its a great game and ultimately give it a rating of 90% without testing the online play due to servers not being active. The game doesn’t come out for 25 days after all!

Going by what I’ve played of Mario Kart 8 so far I’d wager it is probably a 9 out of 10 even without online play. Adding the 12 player online modes sounds like it will be the definitive party game when friends are over and most addictive online title for years to come.