40% of all XB1/PS4 titles sold were made by EA in Jan-March

If you bought a PS4 or Xbox One earlier this year there’s a good chance you purchased an EA game with it.

Electronic Arts revealed earlier today that 40% of all PS4 and Xbox One games sold in the west were made by them between January and March. EA says:

In the fiscal fourth quarter, EA titles represented 40% of Western World combined title sales for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

That’s staggering. Quite frankly its worrying considering how the issues that Battlefield 4 has had on consoles, especially PS4, haven’t held back sales to a great extent.

Of course there’s Madden and FIFA too, juggernauts in their own ways. EA has worked hard with their marketing to gain so much dominance over the early next-gen market but seeing this data is unsettling for whatever reason.