New Nintendo system at E3 rumors debunked

Here’s something very strange. Nintendo’s E3 website went live earlier today. That isn’t the strange part.

What is odd is that within their E3 web page’s source code was a mention of a “New Nintendo System”. It doesn’t get any more weird than that being mentioned on their very own E3 page.

Here’s the source code in question, which has since been removed from the web page as Nintendo probably figured out that they goofed.


This has to be a pretty big mistake right? But why would something called “new Nintendo system” even be in the web page’s code to begin with?

My only guesses are that this leads to nothing at all. Nintendo has said they will release a Quality of Life platform after their fiscal year ends on March 31st, 2015. They haven’t revealed this QOL platform, only saying that it is a non-wearable device. But if they were going to show off this QOL platform at E3 wouldn’t they just say “Quality of Life system” in the source code since it isn’t something new and has already been revealed?

Another option could be that we’re getting another 3DS redesign. Each summer Nintendo has announced a brand new 3DS model to accompany a high profile first party game. They released the 3DS XL along side New Super Mario Bros 2 in August 2012 and released the 2DS with Pokemon X/Y in October of last year. Will we get a new 3DS model to go along with Super Smash Bros 3D when it launches later this summer?

There is always the option that they will reveal a new handheld or home console. I sincerely doubt they’d abandon the Wii U so soon. They will showing off Super Smash Bros Wii U at E3 in a big way and that game won’t ship until this winter so I doubt they reveal a new home console this year or anytime before 2016.

A 3DS successor could be in the cards. It may seem a little soon for a new handheld but you must remember that the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance were each replaced only three years into their lives. Maybe the rise of mobile gaming has lead Nintendo to develop a handheld that combats mobile gaming better than the 3DS does?

There is also the very real chance that this means nothing and is left over web page code. Why is this the most likely scenario? Well if you look at the source code in Nintendo’s E3 2012 page it lists a “New Nintendo system” too. The code reads:

meta name=”keywords” content=”nintendo e3, nintendo, e3, e3 2012, nintendo e3 2012, nintendo e3 presentation, e3 presentation, wii u, wiiu, 3ds, new nintendo system, new nintendo console, wii at e3, nintendo 3ds at e3″

Don’t believe that? Think the “new Nintendo system” was used at E3 2012 because the Wii U was a “new Nintendo system”? Well then why was “new Nintendo system” also used in the source code of their E3 2013 page as well, despite the fact that no new system was revealed? The source code for Nintendo’s E3 2013 page reads:

meta name=”keywords” content=”nintendo e3, nintendo, e3, e3 2012, nintendo e3 2012, nintendo e3 presentation, e3 presentation, Wii U, new nintendo system, wii at e3, nintendo 3ds at e3″

So both of Nintendo’s E3 web pages in 2012 and 2013 listed a “new Nintendo system” and lead to nothing new being revealed. You’ve got to think this year’s scenario will play out the same way as well. Don’t get hyped up folks, its fun to speculate but there is precedent as to why this won’t turn out to be anything worth getting excited over.