Upcoming InFAMOUS Second Son update adds ability to change time of day and more

Sucker Punch has revealed a new update for InFAMOUS Second Son. This update will allow users to remove the game’s HUD and change the time of day. Here are some more details on the major changes:

Change Time-of-Day

Once you beat the game, a new entry will appear on the options menu to allow you to select the time of day! A very popular request indeed, and one we’re excited to enable for you all.

HUD On/Off

Especially for those amazingly talented screenshot taking folks, we’re including an option to let you turn the HUD on and off.

Cap at 30FPS

Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate, but we recognize that some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play.

First they add 5 hours worth of content on day one and now this? Sucker Punch certainly know how to support a game post-launch.

Remember, they also plan on releasing a Festival type DLC like they did with InFAMOUS 2. That means we’ve got a meaty single player add-on coming at some point in the future too.