Trials Fusion crashing on PS4 when players use the share button

As I stated in my review of Trials Fusion for PS4, there appears to be a serious problem with the game relating to the PS4 share button.

What’s happening is that when users try to share a picture or video while playing Trials Fusion on PS4, the game crashes after you press the share button. An error screen comes up and the game is closed. This has happen to every single time (more than 10) I’ve tried to share something. Shared items are successfully shared but the game constantly crashes. For reference I do have the game updated to software 1.7.

I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Ubisoft’s forums have many Trials Fusion buyers complaining about this game crashing bug too. Right now there doesn’t appear to be a solution. Ubisoft’s forums aren’t the only place gamers are complaining about this bug.

Some players have said that the crashes stopped over time and that they eventually were able to share without the game crashing but most say that this issue hasn’t gone away altogether. Hopefully Red Lynx and Ubisoft are working on a patch because Trials Fusion is the type of game you want to share with your friends, all your crazy wipe-outs, accomplishments or track creations.