Towerfall Ascension sells over 500k on PS4 alone, developer credits Sony’s marketing for success

Matt Thorson, developer of Towerfall Ascension, recently told Eurogamer that the PS4 version of Towerfall is performing very well sales wise. In fact, the PS4 version has sold over 500k copies since its March 11th release.

If you read our review of the game you’ll know that it is one of the best local multiplayer games to come out in a long time. Thankfully it looks like Thorson is being rewarded by consumers for it, saying:

It’s actually doing better on PS4, but it’s still doing well on PC, It’s doing definitely well enough for me to support myself for quite awhile. That’s really encouraging.

Thorson contributes part of the game’s success to Sony as he claims they’ve been a driving force in making the game a success.

Another reason it’s done so well on PS4 is support from Sony. They’ve featured and promoted it really well.

With so many negative news stories dominating gaming headlines every day, its nice to see a deserving developer and game do so well.

For reference, Thorson also revealed that the Ouya version of Towerfall has sold really well for an Ouya game but has still only sold 7,000 copies in total. It looks like porting the game to the PS4 was a huge success for Matt Makes Games.