New 3DS model could be coming with Super Smash Bros this summer

There are a lot of questions concerning the 3DS release of Super Smash Bros. Will the 3DS version releasing earlier than the Wii U version cannibalize Wii U sales of Smash Bros since 40 million more consumers own Nintendo’s handheld? Will Smash Bros live up to expectations on a handheld?

These are good questions but the one that has been most on my mind since Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros 3DS would release this summer is, what kind of 3DS redesign does Nintendo have planned?

I know, you’re probably thinking they can’t possibly redesign the 3DS again. They just released the 2DS last October. But if you look back, Nintendo had a major first party game available to launch on the same day as a new re-model of the 3DS. These new models were all announced within a month or so of release, so its likely that we won’t even hear about a new 3DS model until a month before Smash Bros 3DS releases.


Back in 2012 Nintendo was ready to ship New Super Mario Bros 2 in August of that year. One month before the game was set to drop, Nintendo revealed the 3DS XL and announced that New Super Mario Bros 2 and the XL would release on August 19th.

Then last year the 2DS launched on the same day as Pokemon X/Y, on October 12th. Nintendo is two for two in terms of 3DS redesigns, so why stop now?

What could Nintendo change in a third 3DS revision? All I could see is maybe a lighter version of the standard Nintendo 3DS. No, they don’t need to make a gigantic 2DS XL. I don’t even want to think about how ugly that could be.

Instead, Nintendo could release a 3DS Lite, shrinking the 3DS screen a little bit (while also reducing on the original 3DS’s bezel size) down to maybe 3.2 or 3.3 inches for the top screen and 2.8 inches for the bottom screen. They could swap out the SD card slot for a MicroSD slot to make the unit smaller. In addition to that, Nintendo should take a page from Sony’s book and dump the 3DS’s proprietary charger for a micro-USB charger just like the Vita slim just did.

Battery life should be improved by reducing the size of the system’s screens and the system could shed a little weight too. Maybe this wouldn’t be exactly what you’d want in a third 3DS revision but it’s just one suggested scenario.

It looks like there is a strong chance Nintendo will release some sort of new 3DS model or at least a 3DS eco-system wide price cut to coincide with Super Smash Bros 3DS. If they thought New Super Mario Bros 2 and Pokemon were great games to pair with new models then Smash Bros qualifies as “big enough” for something like this with ease.

I’d be suspicious of a new 3DS model in the next few months. Personally I wouldn’t expect Smash Bros to hit 3DS until August. Nintendo has said it will release this summer and summer technically ends in mid-September. So that’s the absolute longest we’ll have to wait for Nintendo’s first party fighter. If you’re in the market for a 3DS know that there’s a very good chance we’ll see a new model, whether you end up liking it or not, by the time Smash Bros releases.