PS Vita

Sly Cooper Collection Vita download sizes revealed

The Sly Cooper Collection will release on PS Vita in the next few weeks. While it is appearing long after the Collection hit PS3, its still a great title for Vita owners to pick up.

The three games appear to be pretty damn big though. We can confirm now that Sly Cooper 1 and 2 are included on the Vita game card while Sly Cooper 3 is a digital download, with a code included in the package. PS3 owners will automatically get the Vita version for free. But how much do these three games weigh in terms of download space?

It turns out Sly 1 clocks in at 3.3GB, Sly 2 at 1.7GB and Sly 3 at 2.26GB. Good to know for Vita owners with less than a 8GB-16GB memory card!