Rumor: TellTale’s The Walking Dead coming to PS4 in June

It looks like the first season of TellTale’s 2012 GOTY winning title, The Walking Dead, will be coming to PS4 in June.

GameStop is listing the PS4 version for release a week after E3 on June 17th. The game will cost $29.99 and will include the 400 Days DLC.

I imagine this will be followed by Season Two’s early episodes being put on the PS4 store shortly after this retail version hits store shelves. Why do I think this? Because GameStop also lists some of Season Two’s episodes for PS4 as well. Interestingly enough GameStop has no listing for an Xbox One version.

Time to replay one of the best games of the past generation folks! I’d chalk this up as a rumor for now but GameStop doesn’t usually get their listings wrong, especially not when they use believable box art like the one found at the link.