Persona 4 coming to PSN as a PS2 Classic on April 8

Atlus has confirmed that they will be releasing the original Persona 4 as a PS2 classic for download on PS3 systems on April 8th. The game will cost no more than $9.99 as par for the PS2 classics course.

They announced this re-release on social media by saying:

You’ve been waiting for this! We are releasing Persona 4 as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation Network for North and South America at $9.99 on 4/08. Which version of Persona 4 did you like better, this or Persona 4 Golden?

Personally I haven’t gotten a chance to play Persona 4. I’m currently playing P3 FES and I’m enjoying it a lot. Once I’m done with it (and give the series a little down time) I’ll jump right into Persona 4.

Anyone else looking to pick up Persona 4 as a PS2 Classic?