The original Game Boy turns 25 years old today!

Guess what folks! The original Nintendo Game Boy is now officially 25 years old! The handheld was released in Japan on April 21st, 1989. With it came Tetris, a game that pretty much put the puzzle genre on the map. The Game Boy would eventually release in the US during August 1989 and in Europe in early 1990.

Over the years Pokemon, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Metroid II, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Land would make their way to the little handheld. The Game Boy got a few revisions, the GB Light and GB Pocket in various regions but wasn’t fully replaced until 1998 when the Game Boy Color launched.

It would be interesting to see if Nintendo ever revived the Game Boy name though I doubt they would. Gaming today is much more popular with women (and rightly so) and a console with a gender name in its title might alienate some. Then again, what do I know! Maybe the Game Boy brand is strong enough to power through things like that!

I do feel like the 2DS’s design is a nod back to the Game Boy’s vertical orientation and I like it for that even if it is a little ugly.

What’s your favorite memory of the original Game Boy?