Nintendo: Flipnote Studio 3D still on its way to US, not cancelled

Still looking forward to Flipnote Studio 3D? You know, the 3DS successor to the DSiWare app Flipnote Studio that was supposed to hit the eShop last August? Nintendo has been quiet on this title and hasn’t spoken a word about when it will arrive in the US since last summer.

Now a Nintend Customer Service Rep says that the game doesn’t have a release date for the US but it hasn’t been cancelled entirely and will eventually hit the west.


I don’t know why they’d delay this app so very long. It looked practically done.

My only guess is maybe, just maybe there will be another 3DS re-model in the near future and Nintendo wants to bundle this app with that unit and market it as a major selling point for the handheld. Either that or its yet another title that suffers from the infamous delays Nintendo games are known for.